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I specialized in the language pair German-English-German and in a number of key business areas in the technical and in the medical domain. In this language pair and in these special domains, I acquired a professional and in-depth education and accumulated decades of professional experience. I am not exaggerating when I promise you that you can safely rely on me to complete your project for these domains and in this language pair with the quality and the speed you expect. Simply send me your request and I will reply with a service offer, including delivery date(s) and price(s) within 24 hours at the latest. I will offer you full transparency on the delivery date, deliverable and price and you will know beforehand what you will get for your money.

Technical translations:

  • Software localisations

  • Help guides

  • Operating guides

  • Manuals

  • Product descriptions

Medical translations:

  • Clinical trial protocols

  • Elearning applications

  • Instructions for use

  • SmPCs

  • Guidelines

  • Medical reports

Certified translations:

  • Birth, death, marriage certificates

  • Contracts

  • Diplomas and school reports

  • Theses

  • Reference letters

Edited translations:

  • Localisation

  • Web content management

  • Press releases

  • Marketing communications

  • Application letters


About Me

My education

  • State certified translator since 1995

  • State certified interpreter since 1995

  • Publicly appointed since 1996

Continuous training

  • German Translators and Interpreter Association (BDÜ)

  • American Translator Association (ATA)

  • Language Academy Germersheim

  • Europäische EDV-Akademie des Rechts gGmbH

  • Coursera

My skills and competencies

  • In-depth research skills

  • Fast realization

  • Thorough quality control

  • Broad expertise

  • Creative mind

My experience 

  • 22 years of translation for the technical industry

  • 12 years of translation for the medical industry

  • 23 years of translating certified documents

My promise

  • Fast service offer reply within  24 hours at the latest

  • Transparency in delivery dates and prices

  • Careful familiarization with your instructions and your topic prior to realization

  • 100% focus on your translation project



How to estimate your costs? How to get your translation?

Below, you will find some useful information to all these questions.

Find out how to do rough calculation of your translation costs, how to send me your order request and about the details of my quote to you. 

Prices according the German law (Justizvergütungs- und entschädigungsgesetz (JVEG)):

The following rates apply for text translations only:

  • Translating:                       0,10 Euro/word

  • Editing:                              0,05 Euro/word

  • Quality checks;                0,03 Euro/word

  • TE:                                      0,12 Euro/word

  • TEP:                                    0,13 Euro/word

  • Certified translation:        1,75 Euro/text line (55 characters)

  • Localisation time based: 49,- Euro/hour



  • -> Editing: Text will not only be translated but rephrased and honed to address intended target group and use purpose.

  • -> Quality control: A second linguist will be used for a quality check of the translation (two-man rule)

  • -> TE: translation and editing

  • -> TEP: translation, editing and proofreading

  • -> Certified translation: Proofread translation which is certified by me with a stamp and a declaration that the translation is true and complete

  •      to the best of my knowledge.

  • -> Localisation: Text and images will be adapted to fit language and culture of the country in which the document will be published.


All my work and services comply with current gobal translation and interpreting standards, such as ISO standard 17100: 2015.



Below please find  some of my international customers.

My professional commitment, however, is devoted to large corporations as well as to private customers and small to medium-sized companies.




I look forward to hear from you!

Eveline Krause (formerly Quipipa-Dias)

Hauptstraße 20a

D-85399 Hallbergmoos bei München

Tel.: +49 811/99899581

Fax: +49 811/99899581

Data protection notice:

Your data will be used and stored securely only for the purpose of processing an order.

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